Wednesday, October 6, 2010


As we already know that ICT is stand for information and communication technologies. The term of the information technology(IT) is defined as the study or use of electronic equipments especially computers for storing, analyzing and sending out information, while the term of the communication technology is the process of sending, receiving and exchanging information. The fully meaning of  ICT is can best described as a diverse set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, store, and manage information.” These technologies include computers, the Internet, broadcasting technologies that is radio and television, and telephone. Nowadays, almost of schools in our country especially teachers or educators  use this application that is ICT in teaching and learning process.
In this era of globalization, many teachers or educators have a lot of challenges to faced when using ICT in teaching and learning process. The first challenge that educators had to faced when using ICT in teaching and learning process is not good or not well in maintenance and networking. This is because many teachers especially in our country don’t get enough of exposure about the using of ICT in their study. They only study about the theory only without apply the concept of ICT in their learning process. Furthermore, in this era of technology, teachers always need to update their knowledge from day to day to increase the using of ICT in their teaching and learning, so that students can get the information easily and clearly. Teachers also lack of experience about the using ICT and this the major problem that had to faced by teachers when using ICT in their teaching and learning process.
Otherwise, the lack of time also one of the challenges to the teachers especially when using ICT in teaching and learning process. This mean that when teaching ICT using computer need a lot of time because not all of students know how to use computer, so teachers need a lot of courage and time to handle those students that don`t know how to use computer properly. The lack of time also meaning that when using ICT in teaching and learning process because a lot of syllabus need to finish in short of time, so the time that given is not enough for teachers or educators to teach students properly.
 The other challenges need to faced by teachers or educators when using ICT in teaching and learning process is most of the students especially in rural area have very low of understanding level in using of computer. This is because not all of students in our country have their own computer at their home, so they only can learn how to use it in school only. So, teachers need to play role to let students learn properly when using computer in ICT.
   Last but not least, although teachers or educators had to faced a lot of challenges when using ICT in the teaching and learning process, but ICT can help students in their study especially from day to day. ICT application in education can increase and improve learning from basic skills, problem solving, information management, establishing lifelong learning habits and also concept of development. When using ICT also can provide the means of gathering, connecting and analyzing data about teaching and learning processes.   

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