Monday, November 1, 2010



Data logging is an electronic device that records data by using sensors. Data logging is based on a digital processor or computer. Data logging include engage, empower and also enhance that need to use after using data logging. Engage, empower and enhance is something that we need to plan an experiment to get a successful results. The example of data logging that I have done is about an anaerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration does not need oxygen to complete the process. There are two type of anaerobic respiration that is alcoholic fermentation and lactic acid fermentation. The engage of this data logging is about the problem why certain situation is occurring. The empower is the experiment that we need to do that is the most important part in data logging because we need to use the data logging equipment. The last part is the enhance, enhance is the question that need to answer based on the topic in the data logging that is anaerobic respiration.
There are some advantages of implementing engage, empower and enhance. The benefit for me especially as students are can get better understanding of science concept. For example, if we can`t understand or follow certain topic in science subject, this model can help us to know clearly about that topics. Besides, I can get better understanding of scientific experimentation. This mean that I can handle the experiment well and also know how to use the data logging apparatus carefully. The other benefit by using this model is the experiment can be done very fast or in the other word we can save time because the computer that need to use in data logging was detect all the information about the experiment, so it will save our time. Besides of the advantages, it also have the bad things about this model that is data can be lost because data logging just only use the computer to detect all the information about the experiment, so if anything happen with the computer, all the data will disappeared or missing.Futrhermore, the disadvantage is the students may not relate science concepts to microscopic and symbolic system representations.
Simulation is the animation that explain clearly about the certain topics. Modeling is the animation that can we change the variables and we can know the effect. As students or teachers, there are many benefit in using this three things in teaching and learning process. This three types can help students more understand about the certain topics. Besides, through this, students will be able to visualized the process clearly on how that process happen. It also can make attract students to learn about certain topics that using the data logging, simulation and also modeling because we can play like a game. There are some advantages for students by using data logging, simulation and also modeling in their learning processes. Although, for teachers, by using this three things, it will make the way on how to teach students more easier because as teachers , we can show to students a lot of topics that using data logging, simulation and modeling. Furthermore, teachers can expose or can get more information about certain topics that use data logging, simulation, and modeling,so,teacher’s knowledge can increase day to day. Its is some advantages and disadvantages to students and teachers in using the data logging, simulation and modeling in certain topics that related to science subject especially Biology.
My opinion about this subject that is ICT in Biology that I have learned for a semester is that very interesting subject and also fun because we can get a lot of information about something that I don’t know before such as in using of smart board. I also had given opportunity to using or handling the smart board. Before this, I don’t know what actually the smart board, after I learn this subject I can know clearly what is that smart board. Furthermore, through this subject , I can know how to build my own e-portfolio or can best described as blog. In this e-portfolio, I can add anything about Something that I have learned in this subject and it was very interesting.I feel so glad that I can learned this subject. I hope that I can improve or use all the skill that I have know in this subject for future as teacher in teaching and learning process.

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