Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Already proven a success on a national scale with the National ID Card system application for tis system to thrive in a business sense. Some of the application can work in area such as :-
-      Convocation system
-      Discount card
-      E-library
-      Hotel e-booking
-      Loyalty program
-      Online statement
-      Record management
-      Traffic management
The Healthcare Industry is the major factor in major countries economy.This application helps connect Healthcare professionals to a more through medical information database to improve their quality of services.
e-business environment will be created in which companies with MSC companies will thrive and bolster economic growth. Traditional ways of doing business will be supplanted by more advanced and responsive methods, with the end result of more effective customer service. To this end, businesses will make full use of the MSC infrastructure and multimedia applications.Companies will eventually have real-time operational control of the entire production process, from product development, manufacturing and marketing to distribution.
Research and Development Clusters
The initiative aims to develop that have well facilitate R&D activities. The primary focus of the R&D clusters is the development of next-generation multimedia technologies and intellectual capital. To achieve this,a research will be created whre universities and corporations will work together to develop cutting-edge multimedia technologies.
Electronic government
The primary aim is to create a virtually paperless administration,use of electronic and multimedia networks in the Government. Programmes under this initiative include
·         Project Monitoring System,
·         Human Resource Management Information System,
·         Generic Office Environment,
·         Electronic Procurement,
·         E-Services and
·         E-Syariah

From all this programmes information flows and processes related to government affairs wiil be made faster and more efficient.
Technopreneur development
This flagship efforts to develop Malaysian SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) multimedia industry and other strategic high-technology industries such as biotechnology and other life sciences. The core objectives of the Flagship are to spawn a critical mass of SMEs in the ICT and multimedia industries, and to facilitate the growth of world-class ICT and multimedia companies.

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